Rasnov Fortress

Rasnov, Rosenau in German, is nowadays a small town situated close to Brasov city, at the bottom of Postavaru Massif, not far from Bucegi and Piarta Craiului mountains, in Barsa Country. It is an old settlement, known from the Dacian times, under the name of Cumidava. During the Roman period a military camp was built here. Later, in 12 and 13th century the German colonists arrived, bringing the old settlement back to life.

In the town there is a late 14th century Orthodox Church, one of the few in this area, showing the presence of a large Romanian community, and a Lutheran Church also from the 14th century, built in Romanesque style, enlarged in Gothic style.

The most impressive monument is the 13th century fortress raised on top of a 150m limestone hill that dominates the town. Initially a small fortress, built by the Teutonic knights, it was reinforced and enlarged by the locals, starting from the 14th century. It had an access road, protected by a wall, built to enter a large area surrounded by strong walls and defensive towers. A miniature village was built inside in order to protect the entire population during sieges. It had a 146m deep well, to ensure a constant water supply. It was probably dug by 2 Turkish prisoners who worked for 17 years to complete it, driven by the promise of their freedom.

The citadel was inhabited until 1850, when the walls of the well collapsed and the place had to be abandoned.

A long and difficult process of rebuilding the old houses started some years ago, the place still being partially under restoration, without affecting its charm and beauty.

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