Humor Monastery

Humor Monastery is located 5 km from Gura Humorului town, in the village that bears the name of the monastery, Manastirea Humorului.

It’s actually a convent with the church dedicated to the Assumption of the Holy Virgin. It was built by Toader Bubuiog, the great chancellor of the ruling prince Petreu Rares, in 1530, over the foundation of a previous church that dated from around 1415.

The major difference from the other monasteries in the region is that the church has no tower. Humor was one of the first monasteries in Bucovina to be frescoed and with an opened porch. The dominant color of the frescoes is a reddish brown. The subjects of the frescoes, made by Toma of Suceava, include the Siege of Constatinopole, the Last Judgment and Hymn to the Virgin, common on the exterior of the painted monasteries in Bucovina.