Hiking in Southern Carpathians

My college friend (Aaron) and I decided to organize an active “Boy’s Trip” to someplace we both had never been. I created a list of 10 or so places and then Aaron narrowed it down to Romania and Turkey. We eventually chose Romania and found Costin’s website (Carpathian-adventures.com).

Aaron initially reached out and mentioned that Costin sounded very professional and trustworthy via email. He then transitioned the logistics to me, and working with Costin was very easy. Costin always got back to me quickly with good answers to my questions. He prepared us by creating an itinerary early on, suggesting equipment, reviewing the equipment we planned on bringing, clothing to pack, exercise routines, and more!

All of the “boys” backed out of the plan except Aaron and I, and we ended up inviting and bringing our girlfriends. We were a group of 4 privately guided by Costin and a hired driver.

Costin met us at the airport holding a sign with our name on it as planned. We never felt lost or disorganized. He made other arrangements for us as well such as taxi rides and additional lodging. This was the first guided tour I had been on, and my only regret is that Costin may have spoiled us with experience, knowledge and preparations! The itinerary was demanding and probably a little more than we should have taken on. Costin was happy to rearrange the plan as necessary and ensured that we prioritized fun and safety over anything else.

We were very surprised and delighted with Costin’s knowledge of Romanian history especially while on the city tours. Everywhere we walked and drove, Costin had vast amounts of interesting details to share. And while many Romanians speak a bit of English, it was really nice to have Costin translate for us – especially when ordering food. While we thought we hired someone to lead us on hikes in the mountains, we ended up getting a whole lot more. On top of everything else, Costin was humble, honorable and trustworthy. Very early on in the trip, I had already regarded him as a friend.

If you want to go to Romania or if you want to go someplace that is safe, active, unique and historically interesting and haven’t decided yet, I strongly recommend speaking with Costin. We are so happy with the experience and owe it all to him.

Nathan Barnett