Arbore Church

Situated in Arbore village, at 30 km from Suceava, Arbore church was built between April and the end of August 1503, by Luca Arbore, one of Stephen the Great’s generals. The church was dedicated to the Beheading of Saint John the Baptist.

It has a rectangular plan, with walls made of raw stone and vaults made of brick. Unusual is the western vault which was probably used as a bell place. Smaller than other painted churches, it still has the 3 chambers: the nave, the narthex and the altar. Arbore has no tower, as it was built by a landlord, and not by a ruling prince.

It has remarkable frescos, with a predominant green background. The secret of combining the pigments was kept by Moldavian master painters to their grave. However, scientists were able to identify thirty substances, including animal size, vinegar, egg, gall and honey. In the narthex are the tombs of the church founders, Luca Arbore and his wife, Iuliana. The church was restored between 1909-1914 and 1936-1937, and is a UNESCO protected site.