10 days Hiking in Eastern Carpathians 2018

    Costin made my dream of walking in the Eastern Carpathians come true. He put together a tour visiting six mountain areas along with a rest day visiting interesting local museums and some of the astonishingly beautiful painted monasteries of Bucovina. Without Costin’s local knowledge of the mountains and his faithful “Lucy” 4×4 van it would not have been possible to overcome the problems of access to reach the heart of the stunning mountains we walked and climbed in. A fantastic week, well-organised and unforgettable (especially the bear and the beer).

Stuart Graveston


10 days Hiking in Eastern Carpathians, June 2018

Specially designed for Stuart Graveston


Day 1:  – Arrive in Bucharest or one of the other international airports.                                            

              – Transfer to Odorheiu Secuiesc (4 hours from Bucharest).

              – Accommodation in Odorheiu Secuiesc, at Horizont B&B, *** or similar.

Day 2:  – 1 hour transfer to Harghita Bai.

             – Hike in Harghita Mountains: from Harghita resort (1350m) ascend to Harghita Madaras Summit (1800m) and descend to Madaras village (700m)

              – Transfer to Sanmartin for accommodation and dinner

              Accommodation in Sanmartin, at Karpathia B&B, *** or similar

              – Walk 7 – 8 hours, approx 450m up, 1100m down.

Day 3:  Hike in Hasmas Mountains: start in Balan (875m), pass the spectacular Lonely Stone, reach Hasmasu Mare Peak (1792m) and descend to Lacu Rosu (970m).

             – Transfer to Izvorul Muntelui

             – Accommodation in Izvorul Muntelui, at B&B Bia Papadia, *** or similar.

             – Walk 7 – 8 hours, approx. 1100m up, 1000m down

Day 4:  – 1 hour drive to Izvoru Muntelui Hut.

             – Hike in Ceahlau Massif: from Izvoru Muntelui (800m) go up to Dochia Hut, climb Toaca Peak (1900m) and descend in Durau resort (780m).

             – Transfer to Brosteni

             – Accommodation in Brosteni, at Pensiunea Iezilor, *** or similar.

             – Walk 6 – 7 hours, approx. 1200m up, 1200m down.

Day 5:  – 1 ½ hour  drive to Chiril village, following the beautiful Bistrita valley.

             – Hike in Rarau Massif: start in Chiril (750m), go up to Rarau Summit (1650m) and descend in Campulung Moldovenesc (650m).

              – Accommodation for 2 nights in Campulung Moldovenesc, at Hotel Eden, *** or similar

              – Walk 5 – 6 hours, approx. 900m up, 1000m down.

Day 6:  – Resting day. Optional tour of the 16 century painted monasteries, UNESCO sites (Moldovita, Sucevita, Voronet)

Day 7:  – 2 hours transfer to Gura Haitii village and further up, to Negoiu saddle (1900m).                    

             – Climb Pietrosul Summit (2100m), walk towards Pietrele Rosii (1700m) and the 12